Top 5 Liberty Gun Safe Reviews

Buying a gun safe is often only necessary once, but you'll benefit from knowing what differentiates products manufactured from a range of brands. Prices go into their hundreds and even thousands, but the risks it eliminates make it a worthwhile purchase.

You might wonder how you can be truly confident in the protection your safe provides, or what accounts for the price difference between safes with similar capacities. If you want to make an educated purchase, you should also bear in mind the product’s fire rating and warranty.

To provide you with assistance as you're searching through gun safes, we've created a list of five of our favorite products by Liberty Safes, the industry market leader in the USA. Here's what you need to know about this company to help you decide which is the best Liberty gun safe.

Best Liberty Gun Safe Comparisons







Our Ratings

Liberty Revolution 24 Gun Safe

59.5" x 28.25" x 22 inches

365 lbs

Maximum 18 capacity

Lifetime warranty


Liberty Centurion Gun

59.5" x 28.25" x 22 inches

370 lbs

Maximum 24 capacity

Lifetime warranty


Liberty Revere 23 Gun Safe

60.5" x 30" x 25 inches

490 lbs

Maximum 23 capacity

Lifetime warranty


Liberty Colonial 30 Gun Safe

60.5" x 36" x 25 inches

675 lbs

Maximum 30 capacity

Lifetime warranty


Liberty Fatboy Jr Gun Safe

60.5" x 42" x 25 inches

770 lbs

Maximum 43 capacity

Lifetime warranty


An Overview of Liberty Gun Safes

Liberty manufactures gun safes for the National Rifle Association (NRA), a well-known American non-profit organization which advocates the benefits of gun ownership. Liberty itself was established in 1988 and has managed to position itself as a market leader.

To give you an idea of Liberty’s success in business terms, it’s sold over 1.3 million since its inception. But what has contributed to this company’s impressive sales? Does their quality warrant it?

Range Of Products

Liberty manufactures products with price tags ranging from around $700 at entry level to well over $4,000 for its most secure unit. You probably don't need to spend more than $2,000 unless your gun collection is extremely valuable.

You can obtain a Liberty safe with good security ratings for collections of up to 25 long guns for under $1,500. Though you might think that's still quite expensive, it's a product that burglars will have a difficult time penetrating.

What Affects The Price


You might assume the safe's capacity would be the main contributor to the price differential, and while it is a huge differentiator, the security features are what mostly affect the cost between its various range of products.

This company’s entry level units are built with 14-gauge steel, though we might advise aiming for 12-gauge if you want to know it’ll put up a good fight to tool, crowbar, and blowtorch attacks.

Steel gauge refers to the thickness of the steel, and a lower gauge means thicker steel. 14 is at the low end of the steel, with inch measurements usually used for anything thinner than that.

You’ll probably need to spend over $1,000 for 12-gauge, but some criminals would go to great lengths if you’re securing something they really want.

Liberty’s most secure units are built with 7-gauge steel, which is amongst the thickest you can find on the market, both amongst Liberty's and its competitor's ranges. A burglar would need some serious skills and strength to make a dent.

Customization Options

As with most brands competing in the industry, customizations can end up adding quite a lot to the price. The color alone could increase the total by hundreds of dollars if you want a premium style, and the cheapest upgrades will still likely add over a $100 to the total purchase cost.

Then there are the lock options, though, in my opinion, all locks offer superb security which means it's an area you might consider leaving as standard – especially if you're on a budget.

As standard, most Liberty units are fitted with a mechanical lock. Despite the fact that it's the cheapest option, thieves will still be faced with over a million possible combinations should they try to crack the code.

Alternatively, you could pay a little more for Liberty's D-Drive Electronic Lock, which has the advantages of a larger number of possible combinations and quicker access than the mechanical option.

If those locks don’t sound good enough to you, you can dish out a hefty sum for the Biometric Fingerprint Lock, which provides speedy access with only your fingerprint and a failsafe number pad electronic lock.

Other Key Features

All of Liberty's safes feature an ETL-verified fire rating, which tells you how long a product's contents will be safe for in the event of a fire and in what maximum temperatures. At minimum, a Liberty Safe will provide adequate fire protection for 30 minutes at temperatures up to 1200 degrees.

The company also fit a hard steel plate behind the door to protect against drill attacks and some of the highest quality locking bars and bolts that are designed to provide robust resistance to pry attacks.

Liberty’s Excellent Warranty

In my opinion, Liberty’s warranty is probably the best there is, and you’ll certainly struggle to find a competitor that can beat it. That’s because all of its safes with a UL Security Rating are covered for life.

To show you exactly what that means, Liberty will carry out free repairs and cover the labor costs in any event of a fire or attempted break in, or they might provide you with an upgraded safe for free if your current item is beyond repair. That shows that they’re pretty confident in their products.

What I find especially marvelous is that the product remains covered under warranty if you choose to sell the product to a new owner. Whoever needs the guarantee, will need to fill out a few documents and send them to the manufacturer.

Liberty Gun Safe Reviews

Now you know why Liberty safes are such a popular choice; you might be eager to find out which are the top Liberty gun safes. If you already have a budget in mind, you might find that one of my favorites is the ideal solution for your needs.

Liberty Revolution 24 Gun Safe

  • Dimensions: 59.5" x 28.25" x 22"
  • Weight: 365 lbs
  • Maximum 24 capacity
  • Color: Black
  • Fire rating of 30 minutes in temperatures up to 1200 degrees
  • Lifetime warranty

I’m kicking off my list with a Liberty Revolution gun safe review because it’s a line no longer included in Liberty’s current line-up of recent models. It's the cheapest product on our list.

With a maximum capacity of 24 guns plus extra storage space for smaller valuable assets, it might be the ideal option if you’re looking for a solid steel unit without a huge price tag. It’s not as thick as the Centurion line of safes that have replaced it, but it still holds out for 30 minutes in temperatures up to 1200 degrees.

You might prefer to opt for the newer line of safes currently being manufactured, but it’s a good entry level safe for a more than reasonable price.


  • Excellent value
  • Better fire rating than many competing products
  • Decent storage space for accessories


  • Lacking a few of the features of its replacement line
  • Relatively thin steel walls
  • You might struggle to make space for certain types of ammo

Liberty Centurion Gun Safe – 24 Capacity

  • Dimensions: 59.5" x 28.25" x 22"
  • Weight: 370 lbs
  • Maximum 24 capacity
  • Color: Black
  • Fire rating of 30 minutes in temperatures up to 1200 degrees
  • 14-gauge steel body
  • Lifetime warranty

This unit might be the ideal solution for you if you own a small stockpile of collectible items, as it only holds a maximum of 26 guns. While that’s even less than the 28 Medallion Series. We think that’s a high-value price, but that’s in part due to a sacrifice in security (compared to the Medallion).

It has a fire rating of 100 minutes at temperatures up to 1680 degrees, and a steel gauge of 11. Admittedly, both of those mean excellent security, but there are more secure units available from this manufacturer. As part of Browning's Silver line of safes, it's quite lightweight making it attractive for those with a lack of space.

Similar to the Medallion, its standard color is textured charcoal, and you’ll have to pay extra for alternative design options.


  • More security features than most of its competitors
  • Great price for a UL-rated product


  • Very similar to its cheaper predecessor
  • Low fire-rating compared to other same-branded products

Liberty Revere 23 Gun Safe

  • Dimensions: 60.5"H x 30"W x 25"D
  • Weight: 490 lbs
  • Maximum 23 capacity
  • Color: Black or Granite
  • Fire rating of 40 minutes in temperatures up to 1200 degrees
  • 12-gauge steel
  • Lifetime warranty

I’m now moving past what are considered to be the entry level safes with the Liberty Revere Series. This model has a maximum capacity of 23 firearms, though there is a 30 capacity option available if you need to store a larger collection.

It's a little more pricey as some upgrades and extra features mean you might decide it's worth the extra investment.It has a fire rating of 40 minutes in temperatures up to 1200 degrees, and it features more fireboard than most similar products manufactured by other brands. 12-gauge steel makes it the toughest safe reviewed so far, more than enough protection against theft in my opinion.

With this line of Liberty safes, you also have the option of two different colors available for the same price, and an electronic lock will cost you an extra $60.


  • Good capacity
  • UL rated
  • Flexible interior space


  • Considerably more expensive than the Centurion
  • The fire rating is only slightly better than cheaper models

Liberty Colonial 30 Gun Safe

  • Dimensions: 60.5" x 36" x 25"
  • Weight: 675 lbs
  • Maximum 30 capacity
  • Color: 9 options
  • Fire rating of 60 minutes in temperatures up to 1200 degrees
  • 11-gauge steel
  • Lifetime warranty

The next on my list is coincidentally the next upgrade concerning the lines Liberty currently manufacture. It has a maximum capacity of 30 firearms.

It provides tough resistance to heat with a certified fire rating of 60 minutes in temperatures up to 1200 degrees, and its construction is incredibly robust with 11-gauge steel. This might be a great purchase if you need to know your safe is extra secure.

Its Palusol™ Heat Activated door seal, expands up to 7 times when heated, triple case hardened steel plates fitted behind the lock provide significant protection against drill attacks.While its fire rating is impressive, I do feel that at this price it’s possible to find a safe that can withstand higher temperatures, but it's still a decent safe for what you pay.


  • High capacity
  • UL Rated


  • Doesn’t put up enough resistance to high temperatures
  • Considerably more expensive than the high-value Revere and Centurion

Liberty Fatboy Jr Gun Safe

  • Dimensions: 60.5" x 42" x 25"
  • Weight: 770 lbs
  • Maximum 43 capacity
  • Color: Textured Black
  • Fire rating of 60 minutes in temperatures up to 1200 degrees
  • 11-gauge steel
  • Lifetime warranty

The last Liberty product on my list is another safe that isn't featured in the company's current lineup, but I've featured it because it might be ideal for you if you need a sturdy safe with impressive storage capacity at a competitive price.

It has a maximum capacity of 48 guns and a fire rating of 60 minutes in temperatures up to 1200 degrees. It’s also built with thick 11-gauge steel with triple case hardened plates behind the mechanical locking mechanism.

It's huge capacity means it’s a heavy unit that might take up a lot of your space.If you're not keen on a black safe, this might not be the product for you as there are no different color options, though you can pay an additional dollar or two if you'd prefer the quicker-access electronic lock.


  • Very high capacity
  • Excellent value
  • Thick steel construction


  • Doesn’t put up enough resistance to high temperatures
  • Might take up a lot of room

My Favorite Pick

Out of all my favorite top Liberty gun safes, the Liberty Fatboy Jr Gun Safe has to be my best recommendation. It’s priced just a little higher than the Liberty Colonial Safe that offers similar security ratings, and its massive capacity makes it a bargain in my opinion.

It could prove to be a smart purchase if you think your gun collection is likely to grow. One of the most common complaints after a purchase is that the product couldn’t store enough, but you need to remember that storing other large items in your safe means sacrificing rifle space.

This Fatboy Jr is hard to beat in my opinion. Liberty safes are a manufacturer of high-quality safes, but you might want to browse other brands if you’re looking for a safe that can deal with temperatures of 1300 degrees and above.

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