Top Bedside Gun Safes On The Market

With crime rates on the rise, it is a smart idea (and a constitutional right) to keep a firearm for protection in your house. Crooks who break into your house with the intention of theft or worse won’t be nice enough to let you call the police, so it is better to be safe than sorry.

That being said, a pistol lying exposed on your bed stand (or under your pillow) can be just as much of a hazard to you and your family members, especially if you’ve got children around the house. The most sensible approach to keeping a weapon close by without risking yourself or others is a small gun safe, but there are so many different kinds available right now that it can be hard to pick the most suitable one.

Being the consummate gun enthusiast that I am, I’ve put together a guide that will help you choose the best bedside gun safe for yourself, so you can sleep easy with your gun right next to you without risking it falling in the wrong hands.​

The 5 Best Bedside Gun Safe Comparisons



Steel Thickness



Our Ratings

Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe Model

3.2’’ x 12.0’’ x 9.9’’

12 GA

1 Year


GunVault SV500 SpeedVault Handgun Safe

3.5’’ x 13’’ x 6.5’’

18 GA

5 years (fire / theft)


Hornady Security Rapid Gun Safe, Black

3.5’’ x 15.5’’ x 9’’

16 GA

1 year


Fort Knox FTK-PB Pistol Box Handgun Safe

4.25’’ x 12.5’’ x 10.375

10 GA



Gunvault MV500-STD Microvault Pistol Gun Safe

2.5’’ x 11’’ x 8.5’’

16 GA

5 years (fire / theft)


Why Get a Bedside Gun Safe?

  • To avoid any accidental damage: Keeping a firearm in the bedroom is a necessary step for many, and especially for those who live in a less populated town or a crime ridden neighborhood. But it introduces the risk that the weapon could be discharged accidentally by a child at play, or even by yourself during your sleep.

    An equally sickening (but no l e ss real) scenario would be the use of the gun by an emotionally distraught teenager / adult to commit suicide. The bottom line is that keeping a readily accessible weapon inside your bedroom is like asking for a tragedy to happen.

  • To prevent a burglar from acquiring the weapon: If the situations described above haven’t convinced you, consider this: a burglar enters your home undetected, sneaks into your room while you’re sleeping and grabs your gun from your stand. He then proceeds to rob you of your valuables on gunpoint, using the very weapon you’d bought for protection!

    This will only seem ironic if you haven’t experienced it. Personally, I was convinced of keeping my classic M1911 pistol secured in a nightstand safe after a close friend told me how they lived such a nightmare a couple of years ago.

What to Look for in a Bedside Gun Safe?

  • Construction strength: The thickness of the steel used for constructing the safe’s body is the primary measure of its strength; and while this is true for bedside gun safes as well, it isn’t as crucial as it is for safes that will be left unattended in relatively unsecure locations or will hold lots of valuable items.

    Even an 18GA body thickness will do fine if you’re looking for a budget product. Of course, the thicker the gauge you can afford, the better protection you’ll get. Just remember that you don’t have to prioritize raw body strength for this safe as much because it will be in your bedroom at all times, where you can easily detect someone trying to compromise it.

  • Lock type: This is perhaps the most crucial factor in deciding on a nightstand gun safe. When you wake up from a noise in your living room at midnight, your groggy self may have a hard time fumbling open a complicated mechanical lock – some people may even have trouble punching in a mechanical push button combo!

    That’s why I’ll recommend getting a product with an electronic or biometric fingerprint scanning lock to allow you to have your weapon ready as quickly as possible in an emergency. Naturally, if you’re quick to regain full consciousness after being woken up suddenly, even a mechanical lock will do you fine with the added bonus of enhanced reliability.

  • Mounting: A good bedside safe will be designed in a manner that allows it to be oriented in several different directions, so it can be placed on as many kinds of bed stands as possible. The better ones will also have mounting hardware such as drilled holes that allow them to be secured more permanently.
  • Size & aesthetics: You’ll want to consider the room you’ve got on your bedside before you select a product to put there. Ideally, the size of the safe must be sufficient to hold your firearm of choice plus extra ammunition, and it must also allow for comfortable mounting to the side of the bed.

    Since you’ll be putting the safe in your bedroom, you may want to select a color finish that compliments or blends in with your room’s décor (if this is possible).

  • Price: While this may not be an issue for some gun owners, it definitely will be a consideration for most. If you’ve got plenty of cash to burn, I’d advise you to get a minimum 12 gauge thick gun safe for your bedside, preferably with a biometric or RFID activated locking mechanism for the ultimate convenience.

For those who require a simple, affordable solution for keeping their pistol secure by their side as they sleep, there are a number of workable sub-$100 options available. Naturally, these will have thinner bodies, say 16 or 18 GA, but they are more than enough to get the job done for this particular application. For this kind of safe, I’ll advise you to stick with a mechanical lock since cheaper electronics is prone to failure.

  • Warranty: With smaller safes like these, 1 year seems to be the average warranty period offered by manufacturers. This period is sufficient for you to thoroughly test for any flaws and have the product replaced / repaired if needed. Even if you’re on a tight budget, you shouldn’t accept a smaller warranty period since it indicates a lack of faith on part of the manufacturer, which might stem from poor quality design or construction.

Top Rated Bedside Gun Safe Reviews

Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe Model

  • 3.2’’ x 12.0’’ x 9.9’’
  • 12 GA
  • Biometric + Electronic Keypad (4AA batteries)
  • 1 year

Here’s an affordable option for those who want sturdy essential security, along with rapid accessibility, from their bedside safe: the SentrySafe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe is made from thick steel, and packs a biometric lock that can be programmed to open only to your fingerprint.

The 12 gauge steel construction is a remarkable feature for the price at which this safe ships, and provides excellent structural integrity and burglar proofing in conjunction with the pry-resistant door.

In situations where you need instant and discreet access to your firearm, the biometric lock, combined with the safe’s compression gas strut come in handy: the safe opens without a sound, so the intruder isn’t alerted as you prep for self-defense.

Note that there is a standard electronic keypad (noiseless) combination mechanism for opening the lock as well, which could be useful in case you wanted to give someone else access without having to be physically present. I would’ve liked the keys were a bit more tactile though, since the present ones don’t allow you to enter the combination very quickly.

A word of warning: biometric safes have trouble working with dirty or faded fingerprints, and this one is no exception: there have been a number of complaints of the biometric mechanism failing to recognize the owner’s prints even after several continuous attempts. Furthermore, this safe drains batteries pretty fast, so you may want to stock up on some high quality Energizers!

The safe does come with a one year warranty though, so you’ve got plenty of time to try it out and get it replaced in case it develops a flaw.


  • Excellent core strength.
  • Biometric system provides rapid and noiseless access to safe contents.
  • Electronic combination mechanism serves as a backup.
  • Affordably priced.
  • 1 year warranty.


  • Biometric lock may fail for certain individuals.
  • Safe drains batteries quickly.
  • Keypad doesn’t support quick combination entry.

GunVault SV500 SpeedVault Handgun Safe

  • 3.5’’ x 13’’ x 6.5’’
  • 18 GA
  • Electronic Keypad (9V battery)
  • 5 years (fire / theft)

The SV500 SpeedVault is one of the most low profile yet dependable bedside gun safes I’ve come across: made out of an arguably thin layer of 18 gauge steel, it nevertheless manages to impress thanks to its high strength lock, multiple mounting options and stylish design.

The high strength locking system makes the safe practically invulnerable to hand tool based pry attacks, and while the 18 gauge steel body is a bit off-putting, you need to remember that you’ll be positioning this safe next to your bed, where it would be impractical and improbable for a burglar to break it via a power tool!

Speaking of positioning, the safe can be mounted in a number of orientations, so you can set it up in a manner that offers you the greatest accessibility; in fact, you could even mount it horizontally under the bed if you wanted to! The interior is lined with soft foam to minimize rattling and prevent scratching / bumping. There’s a white light built into the interior that activates whenever you open the safe – depending on the situation, this could be an asset or a liability!

The safe incorporates a quick access electronic locking mechanism that runs on a single 9V battery, which is pretty standard fare. You also get a couple of override keys in case the electronic mechanism fails: this is a good thing, considering that battery drainage is the chief issue associated with this safe. Also, the SV500 emits a mechanical whine each time you lock or unlock it, which is a bit detracting from its general aura of understated utility and discretion.

In spite of its remarkably low cost, this safe comes with a 5 year warranty for fire and theft from the manufacturer, which is, in itself, well above the industry standard even for higher priced offerings.​


  • Very economically priced.
  • High strength, pry-resistant lock to foil burglary attempts.
  • Low profile design with multiple mounting positions.
  • 5 year warranty.


  • 18 GA construction won’t stand against power tools, however unlikely the attempt.
  • Safe battery runs out rapidly.
  • Noisy locking / unlocking.

Hornady Security Rapid Gun Safe, Black

  • 3.5’’ x 15.5’’ x 9’’
  • 16 GA
  • RFID + Electronic Keypad (AC + DC power)
  • 1 year

Sporting a unique RFID locking/unlocking mechanism alongside a reasonably secure construction, the Rapid Gun Safe from Hornady is one of the best quick access gun safes around right now.

The safe uses a radio frequency identification system to activate / deactivate its locking mechanism: the manufacturer provides you with an RFID bracelet, card and key fob that you wave in front of the reader to give you instant and completely discrete access to your firearm. There’s also a standard programmable key code entry option and a backup key in case you’re not able to gain access via the RFID.

While the RFID system is undeniably fast and slick, it can be a hazard in a house where there are young children who could gain access to the tokens and open the safe.

​As for its core construction, the safe has a 16 gauge body and a strong quarter-inch dual-lug locking mechanism; both features work together to yield robust theft protection and structural strength. If you’re looking for even more protection, the product also comes with a 39’’ security cable rated at 1,500 pounds – you can use it to tie the safe up to an immovable object for added security.

The RAPiD runs on AC power, and can optionally be powered via the included battery pack if so needed. The ability to power itself through mains electricity means you don’t have to worry about replacing the batteries every few months, an issue that seems to plague most handgun safes packing modern electronics.

The manufacturer touts its RAPiD sleeve as an interior feature that lets you access your firearm at the perfect angle, but there have been a number of complaints about it malfunctioning, so I’ll recommend that you remove it for maximum reliability in case of an emergency. Removing the sleeve will also free up interior space, allowing you to store bigger handguns.

The safe comes with a standard 1 year warranty from the manufacturer.​


  • RFID lock access system ensures extremely quick and convenient access.
  • Sturdy mechanical construction.
  • Safe can run on both AC and DC power.
  • Multiple locking options: RFID, electronic keypad and backup key lock.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • 1 year warranty.


  • RFID mechanism can be a hazard around curious children.
  • Interior sleeve may fail to work as advertised.
  • RFID mechanism might be a bit complex for those who aren’t tech savvy.

Fort Knox FTK-PB Pistol Box Handgun Safe

  • 4.25’’ x 12.5’’ x 10.375
  • 10 GA
  • Simplex Mechanical Keypad
  • Lifetime

The safes that I’ve reviewed above are all impressive by virtue of their advanced electronic locks and also the ease of access they offer, however, some of us may require a bedside handgun storage solution that focuses on raw protection and reliability more than anything else: as someone who has had to stay in questionable motels with decidedly unsavory next door neighbors while on the road, I know. The FTK-PB Pistol Box from Fort Knox is one of the best nightstand gun safes to match these requirements.

Incorporating an ultra-durable 10 gauge steel body and a traditional Simplex locking mechanism, this safe is designed to thwart the attempts of even the most seasoned of safe cracking / breaking thugs. The massive 3/16 inch lid is unlocked by a combination entered via a mechanical push button system (a total of 1081 possible combinations are allowed).

Theft protection is further enhanced by a concealed tamper-resistant hinge under the door. If you want to beef it up even more, the Pistol Box comes with four pre-built holes for securing it to a mounting surface. Unfortunately, there’s no built-in option for looping in a security cable, and creating your own cable hole will require a power tool given the safe’s incredibly thick build.

To facilitate quick access to your weapon, the lid utilizes a gas strut to enable it to open quickly and stay in place after unlocking; a few users have experienced trouble with this particular mechanism though, which indicates QC issues in the safe’s manufacture. I’d advise you to thoroughly test the product for defects and avail the lifetime warranty that comes with it, in case you find any.

Speaking about the interior, you’ll find that the thick foam lining makes for a safe storage place for your handgun (even one of a heavier variety). A silver powder coat finish gives the safe an understated, traditional look.​


  • Superb 10 GA body strength.
  • Reliable simplex locking system.
  • Pre-built holes for mounting to a surface.
  • Gas strut lid eases access to safe contents.
  • Lifetime limited warranty.


  • Relatively expensive.
  • No built-in security cable option.
  • QC issues.

Gunvault MV500-STD Microvault Pistol Gun Safe

  • 4.25’’ x 12.5’’ x 10.375
  • 10 GA
  • Simplex Mechanical Keypad
  • Lifetime

The MV500 provides a cheap bed side storage option for your pistol: It achieves this by foregoing a thick steel build in favor of a slimmer 20 gauge construction, which is still sturdy enough to stopper a break-in attempt made using bare hands.

The high strength lock is advertised as being practically impervious to pry attacks, however, I wouldn’t bet my money on this safe holding out against a seasoned burglar because they would simply go for its relatively weak body. I recommend it only for those who wish to keep their pistol out of the reach of kids.

A praiseworthy feature of this safe is its unique No-Eyes® electronic keypad, with its finger shaped outlines that let you identify the push buttons even when it is dark. The lock can also be accessed by means of two backup keys in case the electronic mechanism (which runs on a 9V battery) fails, which is useful, considering that users have had problems with the push buttons after a while.

The safe’s interior has a foam lining to protect your pistol from bumps and scratches, and an included tying cable allows you to secure it to an immovable object. A 5 year limited warranty covers the safe against damage from theft or fire.

Note that this safe also comes in a biometric lock variant, which I would advise you to avoid, since several people have experienced difficulties with it. In a safe this inexpensive, it isn’t really a surprise though.​


  • Extremely cheap.
  • Provides decent fundamental protection thanks to its high strength lock.
  • No-Eyes electronic push buttons lets you unlock it in the dark.
  • 5 year warranty against fire and theft.


  • 20 gauge construction won’t stand against a trained thief.
  • Push buttons aren’t very responsive.
  • Battery life issues.


As with all other types of gun safes, choosing the right one for your bedside is a matter of individual requirements above anything else. If you need a safe for protection against burglary, go for one with a thicker gauge construction and a strong lock. Conversely, for those who simply wish to block kids’ access to their handgun, a cheaper electronic safe will do fine.

However, a requirement that holds true for all bedside gun safes is a rapid and convenient access. If a safe manages to combine this with robust construction and reasonable pricing, it will be useful to the greatest segment of handgun owners.

In my opinion, the Hornady Security RAPiD Gun Safe is the best bedside gun safe because it manages to do exactly that and then some: its 16 GA body and solid locking mechanics provide decent safety against theft; it can run on both AC and DC power; it is affordably priced; and most importantly, it uses a dual RFID tag / electronic keypad lock activation/deactivation system for convenient and redundant access. The 1 year warranty period may seem a bit small, but is more than enough to thoroughly test this kind of safe for potential flaws.​

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